Petroleum Automobile and General Engineering Services Company Ltd.

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Petroleum Automobile and General Engineering Services Company Ltd

PAGES Company Limited is incorporated under Gambian law in May 2011 dealing principally in petroleum downstream product and services, automobiles products and service, generator products and services, air conditioning and refrigeration products and services, consultancy and general engineering services.

Our objective is to engage efficiently and responsibly and to maintain a long-tern position in The Gambia and Africa in general.

Our Products

630 Vehicle Serviced
12 Branches
1000 Happy Customers
289 Certified Agents


pages services: Vehicle Maintenace and Repairs

Vehicle Maintenace and Repairs

pages services:Vehicle Scanning and Diagnostic

Vehicle Scanning and Diagnostic

Pages services:Windshield Repairs

Vehicle ECM/ECU (branin box) programming

Pages services:Petroleum Equipment

Petroleum Equipment Maintenance and Repairs

Pages services:Generator Maintenance and Repairs

Generator Maintenance and Repairs

Pages services:Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repairs

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repairs

Pages services:Engineering Design

Engineering Design

Pages services:Engineering Consultancy

Petroleum Services

Pages services:Building Maintenance and Repairs

Building Maintenance and Repairs

Pages services:Building Maintenance and Repairs


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